B. and I finally got up early enough to do something Saturday.. 😉 We ended up going skiing at Albion Hills Conservation area. In spite of arriving there a little late, we still got in 4.5km of cross country skiing. Which ended up being plenty. Phew. That is work. I wiped out no less than 3 times. Heh. My skies liked to cross… which is bad, bad, bad. It was fun. I think we will return shortly and snowshoe. (Which they also rent) The evening was a little quieter… just watching some idiot box.

Today is, of course, the much hyped Superbowl. Each year I watch the game at my parents , today will be no exception. I usually go for the underdog since I’m not a big football fan… so go Panthers.

Thanks for listening B. – it is important to learn from each other.

Update: Albion link is now 404.