Battlestar Galactica Finale!

The Cast
The Cast

And it finally ends. So say we all. I watched this series since it began. It started off being very engaging, lagged a bit but compared to most of what is on TV it was always heads and tails above most of what was on. I’m sad to see it end. Random thoughts as I watch the last episode:

-OMG they have a cylon on the main deck controlling the ship… was this all an elaborate con job?

-all the Adamas are going to die

-Baltar stayed behind. Huh!

-Baltar with a gun! lol

-‘Galatica has seen a lot of battles. This will be her last.’ *sniff!*

-Action stations! Start the clock!

-Battle scene was impressive…

-Awesome seeing the ground troops supported by Centrions

-‘in the end it is all about mathematics….’ Doh.

-‘tell the old man I owed him one…’

-‘how do you know God is on your side Doctor?’

-‘you have to take a Leap of Faith’

-‘Everyone, stand down….’

-‘I don’t mean to rush you! But you are keeping two civilizations waiting!’

-Ha! Just when you thought it would end nice nice…the sins of the past come to light.


-Kara Thrase fearless warrior! 🙂

-‘She’ll never jump again…! Where have you taken us Kara?’

-Why Earth of course!

-‘our brains have always out raced our souls, let us start anew…’

-Direct the fleet … into the sun!

-Goodbye Sam. 🙁

-Saul is a funny drunk, sometimes

-Goodbye Laura


-‘It was nice to meet you Lee Adama…’

-‘I want to explore!…’ *poof*

-‘Goodbye Kara, you won’t be forgotten…’

-‘It’s almost heavenly, it reminds me of you…’

-Pretty satisfied with the ending.