Palgrave Side Trail

The start of the trail... I walked for about 30m before I turned around. I didn't reach 'the end'.
The start of the trail… I walked for about 30m before I turned around. I didn’t reach ‘the end’.

Discovered today that the Caledon Trail and Bruce Trail are the same trail for some distance. Where the Bruce Trail and Caledon Trail are the same there aren’t white blaze markings. *shrug* I still think that is odd. Anyway, today I found a much better trail close to Finnerty Sideroad and Humber Station Road. Near this intersection is the Palgrave Side Trail Access Trail. Look for blue blazes and there is a blue sign that reads ‘Access to Palgrave Side Trail…The Palgrave Side Trail links the Bruce Trail in Glen Haffy C.A. to the Caledon Trailway in the Village of Palgrave’. The dog loved the trail and busted into the bush during most of the walk. No wonder, during the first few minutes of walking we literary ran into two white tail deer. Tanga chased them a bit but was easily called off. Thank gawd, I recently posted a ‘lost dog’ advert on the Vizsla website for a dog that took off after a deer and wasn’t seen again. *frown* Great trail, certainly going to return. And a big middle finger to the three annoying Irish Wolfhounds that live on that corner.

B. is home tonight. I decided to do the bachelor take out dinner last night. I tried House of Chung Chinese in Bolton. It was okay. Pretty typical, standard Chinese fare.