Car catastrophes

Palgrave Forest
Palgrave Forest

Strange Friday for both of us commuting. Bdot was getting gas, stopped, and someone backed into her. She was honking and stopped and still…. bam! While there isn’t a ton of apparent visual damage, there actually was significant internal damage done to the hook. It looks like the Subu will be in the shop for a few days… at least the airbag didn’t deploy. She is fine. More pissed off than anything. Not to be outdone… Somehow I raised the ire of a trio of kids driving home Friday night. I was nearly home then I heard honking and some idiot was suddenly beside me waving and swearing etc.. They followed me around a corner continuing profanities and running signs, speeding and driving and acting like a complete douchebags… Which is ironically what they were accusing me of. Eventually after nearly causing an accident, they sped away. How very strange that incident was.

The seasons have changed. Winter is gone. We had a long walk in Palgrave forest yesterday… we were both wearing just T-shirts 10m into the walk. While the temperature was perfect, walking on slushy uneven ground isn’t. It is by far my least favourite conditions (other than a downpour :P) to walk in. The dog sure seemed to enjoy it however.

An update on the plumbing situation. After being told that chemicals won’t harm our pipes, bdot picked up some nasty shit. I think it actually has sulpheric acid in it… *blink* Anyway… she dumped a bunch down the drain and waited. Nothing. Well… 90m later…. the pipes gurgled and belched up a stinky mess of rotting drain gunk. So wow… it took sulpheric acid 90m to eat away at whatever was blocking the drain! *bleck* Afterwards the drain seemed to work fine… So one of our showers is back in business. *joy*

Ha ha. Well the Sabres are now 1 point from being last in the NHL. The dreams brought by Pegula and his desire to bring Cups to the franchise could not be farther from being a reality. The team is bad, scary bad. They are so fragile and inept at battling against any type of adversity and lack such competitiveness that they are bordering on being unwatchable. The compete that Ruff urged from the players is still absent… Clearly some of the players have to go. Stafford, Pomminville, Hecht, Myers, Ennis…. would be a start. But really, how many players can you get rid of? And for the love of God and all that is holy… when this team is rebuilt, and it must be rebuilt…. DO NOT LET DARCY DO IT. More than anything else the franchise needs a new GM and a new direction. Frustration and misery abounds in Sabreland, and will continue to into the immediate future. I’ve finally become ’emotionally detached’ from this hopelessly embarrassing team.

Lovely Douglas Adam’s birthday tribute by google today. *grin*.