And the water will run

Glowing yellow field
Glowing yellow field

It was another busy weekend at home. We spent most of Saturday afternoon running around Newmarket. The drive up was slow on the 400. There was a nasty looking accident with an overturned vehicle. The slow traffic gave me the chance to snap a photo of the curious fields above. I have no idea what that yellow plant is, but it sure looks neat. Bdot had a bunch of errands to deal with in the area and I tagged along to keep her company. At the end of the business end of things we were starving. We ended up getting sushi at Sushi Garden. It didn’t look like much from the outside and the decor was a little dated but the food was pretty solid. I’d return. I ate everything. Heh. The evening we continued the trek through Lost. We drinking it down like water in the desert. We are onto season two… Oooo the creepy ‘others‘. It was a beautiful clear night so we soaked in the hot tub. I think it was the best star gazing night we’ve ever had. A great app on my phone helped identify: Mars, Saturn, Arcturus, Vega, Cygnus (X-1!) … it was awesome, until it clouded over. *price is right fail horn*

We took advantage of the great weather Sunday and spent most of the afternoon doing yard-work. Bdot setup a brilliant irrigation system that we have connected to a timer. I’m sure it will make a lot of plants very happy. I think the longer term plan will be to run the irrigation system around the property for the trees and future plantings. It is pretty awesome. Who remembers to water? The fact that it is automated will ensure the plants get a minimal amount of water. I pulled out more weeds. The never ending struggle. We were both pretty bagged by the evening and chilled out.

Awww…. and the (evil) Steam Summer Sale is on. I’ve found a few (so far) impressive, deeply discounted treasures:

  • X-Com: Enemy Unknown which is a Sci-Fi Turn based strategy game
  • Grim Dawn Diabloesque action RPG
  • Gothic 3 …yes yes, I read all the review that said it was buggy and sh*t, I also read about the Community Patch… which I installed… So far it has been a steal for $5. It is a beautiful looking game and no issues what so ever.
  • Metro: Last Light This shooter is really giving my video card a work out… Strangely I compared my current video card’s specs compared to (a decent $200ish card) and the specs were practically the same. So…. I don’t know why the game is performing so poorly. It really bogs down when there are multiple enemies on screen. This is the first game I’ve played that I’ve had any issues with as far as performance is concerned… Hmmpt. Ha. Just googled it. Apparently a known issue. I’ll look into this tonight! Love you steam sale.
Google aptly portraying most workplaces. :D
Google aptly portraying most workplaces. 😀

Google has been awesome during the World Cup. Today’s doodle is bang on! The U.S./Portugal match was heartbreaking. Ronaldo is a massive douche.

Happy to see the Dominator was a first ballot inductee to the NHL Hall of Fame.